LV Special: 7 Top Instagram Self-Made Stars Who Ruled 2016

LV Special: 7 Top Instagram Self-Made Stars Who Ruled 2016

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Thanks to social media, creative people continue to find ways to showcase their craft – from comedy to music to activism; these creatives deservedly have become Instagram stars who entertain and educate their followers everyday, giving many people reasons to visit the platform.



And so, here are folks whose pages we visit everyday, because really – what is life without the awesome dedication and distinct beauty waiting to greet at just a swipe on your phone screen?

Meet our favourite Instagram stars who ruled 2016:

1. Bobrisky


Bobrisky started from SnapChat, now he controls virtually all social media platforms available as both fans and haters can’t stop talking about him. In October, EiE Nigeria invited the famous cross-dresser whose real name is Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju to speak at the New Media Citizens and Governance conference in Abuja on the unconventional uses of new media, and that triggered a major debate on social media, especially because a few invited guests pulled out of the conference.

But that quadrupled Bobrisky’s popularity. Soon, the cross-dresser landed his first magazine feature, and next came a music video debut.

Weeks ago, fans in London invited Bobrisky for a meet and greet and folks paid a whopping sum just to take a snap with him. He ranks no. 1 on our list of most-talked-about self-made Nigerian Instagram stars in 2016.

2. Joanne the Scammer

Comedian Branden Miller has won the hearts of many people around the world through his alter ego, Joanne the Scammer, a self-professed ‘messy bitch who lives for drama’. Joanne the Scammer’s hilarious videos always have many people rolling in laughter especially due to the various exaggerated antics she employs in scamming folks. The character has been featured in prestigious magazines, including PAPER and FADER.

3. Maraji (real name Gloria Oloruntobi)

Maraji is fun, crazy, and everything weird you can think of. Her meticulousness is shocking. She uses app to recreate songs and moves, and believe us when we tell you her videos are addictive!

From mimicking Nicki Minaj to Falz and Macklemore, Maraji has proven that she is one of the best out there. Her thorough dedication is evident in her videos, and once, she revealed that she edits tens of times just to get that perfect video.
4. Akam D Boy (Comedian)

Akam D Boy needs no introduction anymore; he has become Twitter’s favourite meme and his skits which tell mostly about the typical Nigerian father, are super funny.

The Instagram comedian is fast becoming Nigeria’s favourite as he has comfortably snatched the crown off the hands of his contemporaries like Craze Clown and Oluwakaponeski.

5. Hijarbie (owned by Hannefah Adam)

Nigeria’s Hannefah Adam made history when she opened an Instagram account and showcased her line of dolls wearing Islamic veils in fashionable ways.

Speaking with Aljazeera, Adam said, “I set up the account initially to create an avenue to make modest outfits for dolls, because I haven’t really seen one before. Before I created the account, I hadn’t seen a doll in hijab that had her own account and personality. This account provided that hijabi style avenue.”

Presently, she has over 65, 000 followers and the 24-year-old has since made headlines across the world and currently is working with various outfits to create more dolls.

6. Matse Cooks (owned by Matse Uwatse Nnoli)

The media personality currently tops the list of Nigerian food bloggers, and through her blog, she showcases both local and continental foods, shares great tips on how to recreate her works, and also takes her readers on a trip to market places, to see how she gets the simple ingredients used in preparing her tasty-looking dishes.

There isn’t a day we visit Instagram that we don’t take a peep at what she is up to.

7. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ Foundation (owned by Eduardo Serio)

Eduardo’s foundation is therapeutic. We came upon the blog when Khloe Kardashian and her sister visited Mexico and the reality TV star was bold enough to touch one of the tigers. You can read that story here.

We looked up the page and discovered the intelligent mind behind it, Eduardo. Read his deeply moving story of how he started rescuing wild animals and accommodating them in the rescue home set up in his home country Mexico.

Watching his boldness, the unique connection with the most dangerous animals you can ever imagine, it is simply astounding.

What do you think?

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