7 Easy Tricks to Impress and Get That Man You’ve Crushed on for Ages

7 Easy Tricks to Impress and Get That Man You’ve Crushed on for Ages

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According to a relationship expert and columnist, Dr Pam Spurr, here are seven easy ways to impress and get that sweet man you have been crushing on for ages.
1. Fire-up your flirt-factorOne romance-survey found men are attracted to women with confidence to make the first move.The guys don’t always want the pressure to show they’re interested first.So turn up your flirt-signals around him.Relax your body language, lean in when chatting to him, making him feel he’s the centre of your attention.Stroke the straw in your cocktail, or circle therim of your glass, with your fingertips – signals that goes straight to his subconscious saying I’m attracted to you.
2. Show you know how to have funAnother survey found men are attracted to women who get out and do things. So show you’ve got a life – mention that you went to the cinema last week.Or you’re planning to go to a club night or you’ve just got some gig tickets, etc.Plus be interested in what he’s up to – easy ice-breaking chat.3. Kiss him like there’s no tomorrowBrain research shows the first kiss is literally implanted in his brain.Be ready for a super $exy snog. Relax your mouth, open your lips and let the French kissing begin.Try the ‘vacuum technique’ when his tongue’s inside your mouth.Lightly suck on it with your lips – heaven. Next, try a ‘double sensation technique’ like as you swirl your tongue inside his mouth, swirl your fingertips in the palm of his hand.It’s up to you how far you go the first time you two meet up.If you want to foreplay-zone him, use this double sensation technique: apply the ‘swirl and poke’ kiss down his neck, even onto his chest.This is where you swirl your tongue over his skin, then gently poke with it, then swirl and poke, repeat.As you do this, swirl your fingertips across his nipples and down his abdomen – super pleasurable for him.
4. Show off your lady humpsFascinating psychobiology research found men are attracted by our curves. Their eye-line’s drawn to what sets us apart from them!So even if you’re totally self-critical and don’tlike your body (that’s another column) still wear things that accentuate your best features – round bum, boobage, waistline, etc.And don’t forget the tricks of make-up – accentuate your lips, open your eyes up with the right shades, high-light your cheeks and cheekbones.Men’s pupils have been shown to dilate with attraction to a feminine face
.5. Retain some mysteryBeing slightly elusive isn’t game playing.I never advocate full-on game playing. But when he knows you’re busy and not at his beck and call, you’re instantly more attractive.Sounds old-fashioned but it’s true.If you pick up the minute he rings, message back the second he messages, it just looks abit desperate. Desperation is not attractive.



6. Laugh at his jokesThis is the easiest tip of all as a way to his heart!Okay, if you like him for various qualities but he’s not that funny, at least giggle at his jokes.One study found men are highly attracted to women who laugh at their jokes.

7. Cut the self-criticismNever draw attention to what you see as your flaws – men say it’s a massive turn-off when someone they fancy goes on like: I need to lose weight, I hate my nose, I hate my double chin, etc.Such lack of self-esteem puts the dampeners on his initial attraction to you.So even if you think those things, don’t say them and start to work on your self-confidence.By giving him the confidence to get in your life with these steps!Call Dr Pam on Talk Radio with any $ex or relationship dilemma this Saturday from 9pm to midnight.

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