LV Special: Most Embarrassing Celebrity Gaffes of 2016

LV Special: Most Embarrassing Celebrity Gaffes of 2016

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LV Special: Most Embarrassing Celebrity Gaffes of 2016

Many of our celebrities are no doubt talented and have raised the Nigerian flag high in their chosen fields but given their very embarrassing gaffes, it is advisable that some of them stick to their day jobs.

2016 witnessed some rather embarrassing slip-ups from some of our favourite celebrities and what makes this worse is that these ‘incidents’ happened on national television, with the rest of the world looking on.



Some of these episodes were absolutely shocking! I mean how can a musician with an album to her credit not know the meaning of ‘EP?’

So on our list today, we present some of the embarrassing celebrity gaffes which no doubt left us in stitches in 2016.

Talking Numbers and EPs, Seyi Shay is Epic!

For the most hilarious and embarrassing gaffes in 2016, Seyi Shay takes the cake.

April and May 2016 saw the Irawo singer trending all over social media for making some rather shocking blunders on national television that had some of us do double takes.

First, it was the case of pronouncing ‘two’ – which should be pronounced, of course, as the number ‘2’ – Seyi however pronounced it as /twoooh/. The interviewer trying to salvage the situation requested she spell ‘two’ again slowly but that didn’t help at all.

More embarrassing was, while appearing as a guest on Hip TV’s Trending , host, Nancy Isime, requested the talented vocalist give the full meaning of ‘EP. ‘Many expected her to be conversant with the term given she’s a musician but alas, Seyi shocked us by translating it to mean ‘Electric Package’ as opposed to ‘Extended Play.’



The curious case of Jim’s Mother by Bryan Okwara

HipTV is notorious for setting up celebrities on the red carpet and like many others before him, Bryan Okwara fell victim.

Whilst at an event, the model and actor was left tongue-tied after he was asked a simple trivia that made many wonder if he was contending for an ‘olodo’ title. Needless to say, he failed woefully after he was unable to name Jim as a child of Jim’s mother when the question clearly stated same.

See the hilarious video below.

Cynthia Morgan and the Problem with Mathematics

Though mathematics is not a strong suit for many people, Cynthia Morgan’s failed attempt at basic arithmetic is no excuse. Her gaffe which tried but could not out-do Seyi Shay’s epic ‘EP’ blunder became an internet sensation earlier on the year.

The German Juice singer appeared on The Bigger Friday Show, and when asked by Falz to provide the answer to a simple arithmetic question, the reggae-dancehall singer’s left many in stitches with her hilarious gaffe.

Morgan was asked to provide the answer to ‘2 x 2 x 2 – 2 / 2’. She thought about the question for some seconds, before going. “Two times two, four. Times two, six. Minus two four!”

Imagine! Someone should have paid attention to BODMAS.

Mathematics redefined: On the Bigger Friday Show, Cynthia Morgan says 2 x 2 x 2 = 6

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When Rapper Pryse made us Question her ‘Higiene’

Rapper Pryse got on our list by confidently ‘murdering’ the spelling of hygiene.

During the #AmazingSmileCampaign, Pulse TV presenter got on the streets to get people talking on hygiene and requested that many people spell it. Many confessed that they were unable to spell it while others who attempted to, failed woefully.

Pryse however not only spelled hygiene as ‘higiene’, with a winning smirk on her face, she bragged about her spelling prowess saying;

“You know I do this.

“I don’t know why you keep trying me. Why do you keep trying me?”

The interviewer sarcastically responded;

“She does this.”

See clip below.

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