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Yes! To all those attention crazy Nigerians and those attention seeking entertainers who because of the craze for a few minutes of fame would go as far as faking their own death, after the attention what next could be on the cards? Back to mediocrity?
We’ve not seen half of 2017 yet this year has already courted so much controversies and social media frenzy than in recent years. Slowly we have crept from the Apostle Johnson Suleman and his girlfriend saga and not to be outdone, we have another scripted attention seeking drama played out by Warri born rapper Yung6ix. The rapper who has tried his hands at some ridiculous but unsuccessful media trends before now uploaded a video of him giving a long time friend $10,000 and trust Nigerians to always barge in with plenty opinions.
The world has gone global since the advent of the internet and one industry that has taken full advantage of the situation is the entertainment industry. The American/ European Paparazzi spend their everyday trying to fish out little and sometimes huge details of celebrities that in turn get the public crazy.
But Alas! in Africa reverse is the case. Here there is no paparazzi. The celebrities blame the media for reporting fake and majorly untrue news yet when they are approached for press conferences to address the issue properly they are nowhere to be found. All they care about is acting out one or two silly pranks to get the public attention. at first it was just harmless stunts being relayed to the public but now things have gotten out of hand. From the alleged breakup of P square, the fallout between Oritsefemi and his erstwhile manager Danku, the death and resurrection of Skibii the public have caught this celebs in their own game and now even when an accident seems real enough there are those who still doubt its authenticity.
The question now is after the few crazy minutes that you successfully trend of social media what else? does it pump money into your bank accounts? does it help in pushing dead careers from mediocrity? does it assist the country in its bid to fight recession?
Ask Yourself!

Akpofure Shedrack.
I write for pleasure and the zeal to contribute my quota to a society i find myself. Follow me on twitter @king_konfam lets share thought provoking ideas and relate on other social media matters.

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